Chargeback response
management platform

Intelligent chargeback management platform - reduce chargebacks,
defend your reputation and recover revenue.

Fight Chargebacks & Recover Revenue

ONE SECURE simplifies chargeback response workflows, helps you respond and win chargebacks

Match Chargebacks with original POS information

Tired of time-consuming tasks like logging into multiple portals to gather data from different sources?

Match Chargebacks with payment processor

Unsure about which chargebacks you should and shouldn’t fight? Fetch all the details from payment providers.

Intelligent Chargeback response

Worried how to draft a response to notices? The intuitive platform helps you customize each chargeback response.

Reporting & Dashboard for response results

Do you forget to keep a track of chargeback results? We receive response outcomes from your payment processor the moment they become available

Web portal

Improve chargeback win rates

ONE SECURE uses technology driven strategy to recover lost revenue.

Contextualized data drives compelling responses

ONE Secure platorm efficiently communicates with your data sources to aggregate POS information, ID scan proofs and payment information.

Automatically generate dispute responses

ONE Secure simplifies the response process by automatically populating the variable fields With that information, it automatically generates the most effective dispute response possible.

Capture Personal ID details for compelling evidence

The platform can automatically source the image of ID Proof from the ID Scanner device and support your chargeback case. It helps you onboard customers and prevent chargeback fraud.

Web portal



Easily integrate with our secure API for end-to-end automation. Never miss a deadline or response again.

Alerts &

Get Chargeback Alerts and notifications as first line of defense to prevent disputes from initiating chargebacks.

and Reports

User-friendly dashboard and real time statistics to help you manage and understand your chargebacks.