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Identify potential frauds and chargebacks -
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ID Scan Features

Scan Application allows you to scan a credit card/USDL. ID Scanner brings to you a lot more than just verification.

Scan Identity cards

Enables you to scan a US Driving License or Credit Card and instantly retrieve all the details of the user through them.

Extract user information

Data is automatically extracted from identity documents and instantly imported to appropriate text fields.

Capture user data

Electronically store the image of the full driver’s license, cropped signature and face image. It can be used at any venue where identification is compulsory.

Learn about your users

Create insightful business data to track your customers and utilize them for effective personalized marketing

Web portal

Web Portal

Data Visualization at a glance- all customers' data gets automatically extracted to the Dashboard, for simplified access and management.

Manage customer

The owner of each establishment will have access to a web-based application designed to manage the deployment, adoption, and day-to-day operation of the ID Scanner.

Monitor data

Have data of all scanned entries summarized in tabular format to make it very easy to interpret and take actions.

Promote customer

Segregate and assign tags to frequently visiting customers; keep track of details such as their expenditure amounts, demographics, and other information which is of relevance for promotions.

Web portal



Onboard good customers faster with a user-friendly and seamless customer experience.

Deter and
detect fraud

Prevent fraud and chargebacks to create a safe, trusted ecosystem.


Replace outdated methods with a process as simple as scanning.


It offers you a time-efficient and an effective way to identify fake IDs, special guests, frequent customers, repeated customers, and other basic information like their names, mobile numbers, email IDs, and more.

Prevent chargebacks/

Scan a Driving License/Credit Card within a second with the help of the device or app and obtain details from each respective card. It has a very simple interface, which makes it easy to implement.


Get alert notifications on your phone when IDs are scanned. Identify special guests, frequent customers, repeated customers, and more. This can be used to track and be aware of previous records which may be important.


Mobile Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) scanning can be used everywhere (wherever registration for a service is required) which helps save time & money.


Daily reports inform you about who your patrons are, where they come from, when they arrive, and how long they stay. Spot trends, build relationships and identify opportunities to improve your business by reading the dashboard reports.

Industries we've implemented.

Fintech, Banking & Insurance

Fintech, Banking & Insurance


Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Government & Security

Government & Security



Retail & eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce