OP Care

OP Care is a HIPAA and PHI compliant
patient reminder mobile app

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Patient Enrolment and Diagnosis

Subscribe patients to a monitoring plan, define diagnosis and also book a follow-up appointment for consultations.

Capture patient data

Enrol a patient with basic data, capture photos of ID proof and then fill in the Identity details. The image of identity proof can be saved into the system.

Save diagnosis information

Record the date of diagnosis of a disease or condition, as well as other details such as cancer type, stage, and other relevant information.

Plan treatment

Number and frequency of treatment cycles can be planned based on the diagnosis and then saved for reference or sending out reminders.

Improve adherence

SMS consultation notes with prescriptions and appointment reminders to help patients manage their health at home.

Appointment Management

Appointment Management

You or your staff can book, cancel and reschedule appointments for your patients through the mobile app for all consultations.

Manage appointments

A user can view the calendar for upcoming appointments of the day, then mark them as present or re-schedule the appointment based on patient feedback.

Add notes

Multiple staff members can add notes, photos and notes to a patient’s file for future reference or in case of a change of caretaker.

Reschedule appointments

In case of appointment rescheduling, the system will automatically update future appointments based on the number and frequency of treatments.

Web portal

Patient Communication

You can send SMS notifications to all patients, a select few or specific categories of patients. Let them know about their appointments or any information that may be relevant.

Patient list

Patient profiles, including their medical history and health conditions can be viewed with a simple search to review their health records prior to the appointment.

Appointment reminders

Staff members can call the patient, send an SMS to the patient, as well as plan or edit treatment details all via the mobile application.

Patient tags

Tags can be added to a patient’s profile for an enhanced search experience.

Web portal

Plan Follow Ups

Create and share consultation notes based on the patient's health condition. Consultation notes with prescriptions and appointment reminders help disease management.


Actions can be taken on the patient’s record. The review option allows the patient to make an appointment after getting screening tests done and obtaining results.

Off-site treatments

This allows the user to schedule a follow-up screening test or a follow up appointment at an outside clinic.

Other actions

This allows the user to cancel upcoming appointments in situations where a patient refuses to get treated or is deceased.

Other Advantages

Fintech, Banking & Insurance

Patient Engagement Platform

Onboard patients faster with a user-friendly, simple mobile app.


Patient Communication

Send personalized SMS reminders to reduce no shows on life-saving treatments.

Government & Security

Secure Data

OP Care uses industry-standard efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of information gathered.


OP Care is the product of a dream to stream-line everything from rescheduling appointments to ensuring life-saving complete treatment cycles to every global citizen.

no shows

lesser no-shows mean completed
treatment cycle and happier


Set the expectation and engage
better with your patients.

Lower operational

Automate manual processes
allowing your staff to be
more productive.

Return time
to care

let staff focus on what really
matters patients & treatments.

Easy to use
and set up

Easy to use, intuitive interface
for hospital staff to use.


We securely keep the data
owned by the patients.