A Perfect Software solution
to handle your payrolls

Payroll expertise to empower your business


Full-service payroll

Partner with the best payroll platform in the industry.


With a platform designed to automate payrolls, you can deliver consistent and compliant payroll every payday in a secure way.


Easy-to-use and intuitive systems to reduce human calculation errors. The payroll process helps you increase efficiency and reduce risks.

Integrate the

A scalable and consistent solution provides a seamless payroll and reporting experience across your various business verticals and regions.

Web portal

Automated taxes and deductions

The people platform for payroll, benefits, and more.

Automated taxes

All local, state and federal payroll taxes are calculated based on your tax settings.

Fetch locations

Fetching the exact Location (GNIS) Code and validating the Address for the precise tax computation.

Employee management

Easy to manage (add/edit/terminate) the employees, employers, employment, and contractors.

Flexible payroll features

Unlimited payrolls for multiple states and pay schedules.

Multiple states

Run payroll in as many states as you need. We support all 50

Flexible payments

Pay your team daily, weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly.

Multiple rates

Pay different employee rates based on the work they do.


Pay employee reimbursements along with the payroll.

Advances payroll features

Tax credits. Reports. Integrations. Our service gets pretty advanced.


Payroll journal

Generate reports for payroll history, bank transactions, contractor payments, tax payments, and more.



Access to all sorts of employee’s benefits, accruals, and overtime paid time off, and more.



Ability to update existing /import new data in bulk for various entities via Import.


Accounting and
advanced payments

Support to maintain general ledger accounts and sub-accounts and advanced payment options like print your checks, check delivery, direct deposits.


Bank validation
and files

Generation of leading bank files to deposit money in bank accounts and validating checks. Manage Prenote with banks to validate your bank information.


and 1099s

We generate of standard NACHA file which is supported by all market leaders banks and send 1099 report to contractors.


Improved accuracy

Reduce manual errors in calculation and standardize your payroll processes. Achieve the best service with the help of ONE BCG Payroll platform.

Growth potential

ONE BCG payroll platform is scalable and supports your company’s growth into new markets and handling complexities.

Insightful decision-making

Get a single view dashboard of your workforce data for reporting and analytics and make insightful fact-based decisions.

Cutting-edge security

Ensure the safety of your data with our data security and privacy standards provided by ONE BCG Payroll.

Easy integration

Our Payroll platform can easily integrate with your existing employee data to help unify your payroll and employee management.

Simpler payroll

The payroll platform helps you overcome the complexities and manual risks associated with calculating, managing, and delivering payroll services.